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Response Rate Bug


My response rate loves to drop to 50%, 67%, or some other low percent even though I respond 100% of the time. Please fix this Fiverr. I have had to contact CS about this happening at least on 20 different occasions. Keep an eye on your response rates.


Thanks for informing us. This is indeed a common bug that will easily be refreshed once contacting support.


This used to happen to me at least once a week and for a few months, I even created a template message to always send to CS since creating those tickets was becoming too time consuming.


Hahaah this is nice :joy::joy:


What is nice? No bug is nice in my opinion, and this one can affect a seller as far as I remember. Not to mention the amount of tickets and time spent dealing with this bug, refreshing dashboards, which is definitely not nice for anyone. Bugs are not nice :wink: I’m still waiting to see a nice bug, though :smiley:


LOL i laugh when you said you make template just for contacting CS


They justify the 50% by saying it is based of two messages not responded to with one client, which is BS. I always respond. And sometimes a buyer messages in the inbox about an order in progress, and I reply in the order messaging thread. I should not be punished for this. I am going to keep bothering them until they fix it. This is nuts.


Contact Fiverr Cs Quickly Bro :slight_smile:


I have put in bug issues with CS, too on this. My rate is in the 60’s even though I response to all messages within 24 hours. :frowning:


My response rate is dropping even though the response Quickly.