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Response rate bugs?


Just saw my response rate dropping because I did not answer within 24h to a SPAM message which was branded like that by fiverr itself and was also blocked by them as a consequence.
If that was spam, why on Earth did fiverr sent it to me in the 1st place and secondly, why negatively affect my response rate for not answering some spam ?! (was not even able to asnwer, answering function was blocked and I saw no reason whatsoever to ask to znblock some spam …)

Is that fiverr normal practice? I do not understand what is going on here :frowning:

Did you also experience this? How did you solve?


seems like this is a SERIOUS fiverr BUG! the issue went away for a week but now, that old spam message was somehow “reactivated” by fiverr (got that pink dot on it) and my rate went down again ONLY because of that! i decided to “unspam” and answer the thing, with no change in my response rate of course …

is fiverr serious about dealing with bugs? I saw many other people complaining about the same issue but somehow it’s still there …

Thanks for that :slight_smile:
I thought the buyers are seeing that too … if not, as you say, I’ll just ignore it :slight_smile: