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Response Rate Calculation Question

So, I’m really good about responding to buyers, but I notice I have an 83% response rate with a 1 hr response time.

Are they calculating this on every message I receive in a conversation thread? What I mean is, do I ALWAYS have to have the last word? If so, that’s just stupid.

A lot of my gigs end with the customer writing me back a message saying “Thanks” and then they leave a review saying the same thing once they realize they didn’t leave an actual review. I usually just leave the review back, in that case, which has my thanks in it. Do I need to answer the message AND leave a review like they did? I don’t like it, because that would make me look unprofessional.

Or what about the conversations that end like this:

Buyer: "Thanks, that was perfect"

Me: "You Bet, It was great working with you"

Buyer: "Thanks!"

I usually don’t respond to that last thanks. It’ll turn into two lovebirds on the phone “I wove you too” “No, I Wove you more”…

So what’s up with this?

I don’t know how it works, but I have a 100% response rate, and most times it’s not me the one who sends the last message.

But anyway, does that number matter?