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Response rate calculations broke

It started measuring yesterday. I have no open messages, have replied to all but 1 in less than a hour (1 took 5 as I was sleeping) and my response rate is 83%. Anyone else seeing this.

Reply to @kjblynx: It is stated one month, but in the beginning it was starting form May 4, but it will build to a 1 month time frame.

Thanks, then mine is not working right. It has stalled out and does not change.

How many hours or days is it measuring? The response rate for the day or the week or the month?

Still showing Average Response Time 1 hour on you profile. Nothing about Response Rate.

I’ve also responded to all messages but have a response rate of somewhere between 80 and 90%. It makes no sense!

mine is 33% , wow!

FYI, I did create a support ticket as my response rate started at 100% in the morning and fell to 83% by end of day, which they agreed looks like it may be an issue. BTW, back to 100% today, strange.

Reply to @orcatek: you saw the very same behaviour of my response rate bar… clearly it’s broken…

I dont like it because, I am having the same issue!

Same here. Got me worried about something I didn’t worry about before and no time left to worry about it. :slight_smile:

I respond to around 60 messages a day and it says I have a response rate of 26% … WOW

Its broken Mine also dropped from 100 to 67…fiverr dont add something if you dont test it out first.

response calculation is not perfect. so many issues. if we say “thank you” to some one , and then he replies as “welcome” normally we dont say anything. but response calculator taking this as not responding to messages

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