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Response Rate declining due to Unforseen schedule


I’m having problems with my response rate…
I was away for like 2 days only (unforeseen schedule) , and i forgot to turn ON the vacation mode.
Now i’m back and was able to see some private messages from potential buyers. The problem is i was not able to respond to those messages quickly (within 24 hours) and now my response rating is down to 78%

Can anyone help me how can i fix this please? any advise how i can increase this back?

Thanks in advance


Firstly, you need to understand the difference between response rate and response time …your response rate dropped to 78% because you failed to reply the buyers…you should have replied, When you reply late, it only affect your response time …but when you choose not to reply at all ,it affects your response rate…

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so how to improve it?

You need to be very prompt… Reply messages on time…its not necessary you stay online all day to reply meassages… You can log in and reply messages at intervals…l.e you can log in 4 -5 times per day to check messages and make sure you Reply all messages other wise your response rate will drop…

@mrsghostwriter I am sorry but :arrow_up: this is not true. Your response rate can drop EVEN if you send a reply to your buyer. :arrow_left: : This WILL happen if you reply only after 24 hours of the prospective buyer having contacted you. Your late reply will not affect your response rate ONLY if you reply back within 24 hours.

@homebasejob No one can fix it but you. Just try and respond to new prospective buyers’ first messages within 24 hours and your response rate will improve. :+1:

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