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Response rate decreasing automatically

My response rate was 100% .All on a sudden my response rate is decreasing automatically.I have not missed any messages till now.Don’t know why it’s decreasing everyday.

N.B- I have make a order extension but unfortunately my buyer gave me a revision wrongly and then i have submitted an empty file and after this have sent him the extension again and my response rate is decreasing from the next day automatically .Is it the problem then what to do ??

Experts kindly share your advice It’s really giving me a headache

Thank you


I am not espert I just wanted to say that same happened with me last month. RR Dropped directly from 100 to 91 and then it increaced gradualy to 94 and few days before it jumped to 100. Sounds funny but dont know why

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I also heard this same problem from others… I think it’s fiverr bug contact support they will give you better solution.

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Same thing happening to me.What happened then?? 100-91 currently on 83

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After 10-15 days it went back to 100

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