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Response Rate Decreasing!

I can’t understand why my response rate is decreasing day by day. I response each and every message.Can anybody explain please?

Hello friend, response rate update after a week and It tracks the percentage of first responses sent within 24 hours over the last 30 days.

for more info please ready this article:

Hope it helps you…!

Hi James, some have had a bug in the response rate that does this.
Send a message to customer support.

Reply your messages within 24 hours, you will recover your response time.

Same here

Had a 99% drop to 90% within a day, even looked and there were no missed messages. Going to contact CS now that I know I am not crazy.

Mine is also decreasing

Me also!

The spam was removed.

Same here.
It shows me that I have an unread message but when I click on it, nothing shows up.
It went from 96% to 90%.

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A buyer put 4 star on a order and my ratings decrease 100% to 99% how funny there are 16 5 star reviews and 1ly 1 4 star ruin all my effort

Thanks for your usefull information

Reply your messages within 24 hours

Well, in all honesty, it is a mathematical equation. If you have 16 5-star reviews, and one 4-star review, then you don’t actually have a 100% positive rating anymore, do you? A 99% score is accurate when not all 17 reviews are 100% positive.

Hey, I’ve found that there may be a bug with the response percentage. Sometimes if a spammer sends mail to lots of people and their account is deleted, any messages that person sent you are removed from your inbox but for some reason, still count towards your percentage. I wouldn’t worry about too much because in a few days it’ll correct itself.

Response on time to your messages, this is how I resolved it

i am having the same experience here. my response rate is going down even when i do respond on time. i mostly respond within the hour of getting the message, yet it says 2 hours…

My response rate has gone down due to 2 reasons:

  1. I got a few spam messages, I cannot reply to them as the accounts have been deleted.

  2. I put a buyer request, got loads of people sending a message instead of using the option to respond to a request. I would respond to these message, but they’ve clearly not read what I wrote on the request.

I don’t think any buyer particular pays notice of the response rate stat though. They just send a message and wait for the response. If your response is too late, they go on to the next person.

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Yeah it is but. Spam messages you can’t respond to are counting against you again. They had that fixed, but it appears to be part of the problem again.

Far as I know, buyers can’t see response rate, only average response time.

Yes bro