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Response rate dipped due to constant messages from someone

My response rate is now at 89% and in the red because I have a person who messages millions of messages each day and there is no possible way to reply to them all. This one person should NOT affect my response rate.


Response time is based on your first response to a new message from buyer. It doesn’t count if you reply them late after the first time.


This is a gross exaggeration.

You don’t have to respond to all of that person’s messages. The only message that will affect your response rating is the first message from that user.

If you responded to that person’s first message, then no, that person won’t affect your response rate.


Please look up what counts in the ratings and make sure you understand it before you post here. This is very misleading to other sellers.

Only your first message counts in the response ratings.

It’s problematic to 1. Make a conclusion based on false information. 2. Totally miss the other explanations for your problem.


This may be helpful to you:


How am I going to respond to her first message 10 times a day? There is no need. It should not be included in the response rate. My rate is dropping daily.

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There can be only one first message :woman_shrugging: First message is a first message and you don’t need to reply 10 times on one message and definitely not every day.

Do you know what is a first message means? If you don’t have a “clock” sign In your inbox then it wouldn’t affect your response rate anymore.
Please read fiverr help page and don’t confuse yourself.


I didn’t say 10 times on one message. I said 10 times a day different times and I am not responding each different set of hours. I am responding once, twice, to several times a day.

You clearly did not read my comment. The only message that counts is the first one. If you respond to that one, you can ignor the rest of the messages, because the rest of the messages do not affect your response rate. No matter what you think, I guarantee that the rest of the messages are not “dropping your rate daily”.


Actually there’s even nothing to explain @janicepatrice . That clock graphic make sense. once we read a newly created thread by a user (probably a buyer), It’ll disappear meaning that it’ll no longer counted for response rate. :relaxed:

Now it is clear also to me. Thanks @jonbaas

It is clear to me too. I finally got a message that had the clock too. I had never seen the clock before. I think my response rate is down because I didn’t reply to a couple of spam/scam messages.


Always reply before reporting them. You could even just say something short like “no thanks.” The message you get from Fiverr that says you don’t have to reply to spam messages and it won’t affect your response rate is unfortunately not true.


I do feel like that is the case. Since I have maintained 100% response rate but suddenly it decreased to 98%. The only message I haven’t replied to was a spam.


Rule of thumb: NO MATTER WHAT, ALWAYS reply to the spammer’s message.

I have been responding to them lately as well. I believe you are correct.

Your response rate refers to the date you’re checking and the 59 days before that. So maybe you had a lower rate of responses under 12 hours from say March 26 to March 26 than March 28 to 28.