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Response Rate- do i have to be the last person responding everytime?

My response rate went from 98% to 97% after 1 day. I have no idea why. There are 2 unresponded message from after 24 hours, but it was a conversation taht didnt need to be responded. I dont need to respond to a client after they say " nice thank you".

My question is do I have to be the last person to reply to the message, even though its something taht doesnt need to be replied to?

Me: Have a nice day
Customer: you too, thank you
ME: " do i reply?"

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I’d say yes, if only with an emoji.

As far as I know response rate is based on the first message from a new buyer, so there is no need to have the last word in an ongoing conversation.
Check you Inbox for spam messages, maybe you haven’t replied to one of those and then your response rate dropped


Ah. I kinda wondered that too. The Fiverr etiquette (Fetiquette?!)

Thanks :grin:

there’s no need to reply

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Fetiquette is terrible :joy:
Anyway, a tip could be downloading Fiverr’s app. So you can have live notifications about new messages and increasing your response rate.
It isn’t helpful to reply to every single buyer’s messages (think about it: buyer says goodbye, then you reply, he replies and so on…)

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Thanks. Aww no love for Fetiquette :cry:


You are like me :smiley: you don’t need to reply, but I feel wrong if my buyer ends the conversation. So I send them emoji or small wish like stay safe :smiley:

Use fiverr app. it’s handy for catching up with your buyers

Please check the spam folder. You will see some other messages there.

Your response rate only counts towards the first message reply in a new conversation. No need to get the last word in.

If you already replied to a person within the 24-hour limit, there’s no need to reply to further messages from that same person that don’t need a reply.

If your response rate dropped, chances are that you missed replying to someone, perhaps a message that had been automatically moved to the spam folder. Check all message folders to make sure you didn’t miss a message.

Another thought, for me (and some others too, going by forum posts), it doesn’t work when I just report a spam/scam message, I have to reply to them first, then report, else, my response rate drops.


THanks so much guys for the answers