Response rate doesn't recognize custom offers


When a buyer sends a message, I like to get straight to the point if possible. I often simply respond with a custom offer answering their query to cut out some of the over and back.
I have noticed that when I only respond with a custom offer, the system doesn’t seem to recognize it as a response and so it affects my response rate.


@eoinfinnegan Yes that’s correct! I was just about to make a post about this!

I always respond with a greeting, followed by a detailed custom offer.

Also, since you brought the subject up, remember back when custom offers were introduced?

Buyers accepted them and they were immediately activated.

Can we get a switch on the custom offers tool allowing us to set it to activate upon purchase?

99% of the time I cover everything with a potential buyer before I issue a custom offer. He usually provides all materials during that “vetting” period.

So they are confused when I tell them that now, they have to open the order page, and submit dummy info in order to activate it. :frowning:


@eoinfinnegan So sorry for hijacking your thread btw. It’s just that I was just about to post about my suggestion, when I saw your post and thought I should kind of “merge” discussions.


No worries, I find that irritating too.
At this point I include a PS in custom offers saying something like - when you order, the system will ask for information from you but we have already discussed it so you can just say “as discussed previously”.
This probably wouldn’t work for people with lots of requirements though, most of my orders have straightforward requirements.


@eoinfinnegan Yes most of my gigs have mandatory file uploads, which is a drag to buyers who already sent me everything via message.

Some veteran buyers have no trouble activating the order, but most of the time, it’s like message after message of
"but I made the purchase, why can’t you just start working???" :confounded:


Yes, I´m sometimes redoing my requirements because of that, when I just had an experience like that I add a ‘You have to attach your file again even if I got it already’ kind of point (which then gets an annoying optional reply field even if it´s just an ‘information block’) and when it didn´t happen in a while, delete it again, to make the requirements less long and annoying.
An option to send a custom offer with ‘deactivated requirements’ would be very nice.


Dear Eoin:

My contributions to this thread include:

  1. It’d probably be good to post a link to this thread in that thread: Fiverrcast Questions. Please phrase your response in the form of a question, like on Jeopardy.

  2. It would be helpful if the Buyer could respond to one custom offer multiple times, to put less work on the Seller.

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