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Response rate down 25% overnight?!

I know I’m not the first to rant about the response rate, and I certainly won’t be the last. However, I logged in today and found that my 100% response rate had been lowered overnight to 75%!

The only message I received this week was spam, and Fiverr had disabled the user and blocked me from replying to the message or reporting it as spam. Probably because they had already identified it as such and didn’t need the duplicate report. That’s great, but I am pretty sure this has to be the reason my rate dropped so low so quickly!!

Any suggestions for pulling it back up? I hate being seen as unresponsive, and I’m worried people might skip reaching out to me at all if they see a 75% rate, which will only make my problem worse…

Customer Support deals with this all the time. Just put in a ticket saying your response rate dropped and the only reason you can see is due to this spam message.

I’ve done that 2 or 3 times in the few months I’ve been here on Fiverr and they’ve always responded during the same day – I got it fixed in half an hour once, in fact.

Thank you so much!! I will definitely be doing that. :slight_smile:

I respond to EVERY message within 3 minutes.

Still have a response rate of 72%.

It is a crappy metric.

Mine’s screwed up too. I’m over worrying about it. I don’t even understand it.