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Response rate down because of spam

Please stop spamming other sellers! :angry:

That’s not how you get customers! I’ve received 2 spam messages from other sellers yesterday. I reported their message as spam and didn’t respond as it was saying that it would not affect my response rate, but apparently it’s not true since it just went down to 83%. Why is Fiverr saying it won’t affect the response rate if it’s not true???

It’s not worth contacting customer support since it will reset in 17 days, anyway, but still…it’s frustrating.

Anyway, after looking on the forum for similar situation, I’ve learn that it’s best to respond to them (Telling them to read the TOS) before flagging them as spam. So note that if that situation happen to you.


I’m sorry. No wonder sellers spam – they know they’ll at least get SOME response as ignoring it lowers our rating!

It baffles me why so many sellers have such poor judgment and think it’s ok to harass other sellers privately for advice. I don’t get why anyone thinks that is ok.

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Even if you just type a (.) and press send that is enough! But I have two Quick Responses Ready for them. I send whichever one fits the situation.


If you’re interested in making a purchase, please provide the following information:

In this one I act like I think they want to place an order.

  1. Is the text in MS Word? (That is the only format in which I work.)
  2. What kind of writing do you have for me to proofread?
  3. How many words are in the text?
  4. Which type of English do you use? American, British, Australian, or Canadian?
  5. How soon do you need the work completed?
  6. Are you willing to buy a rush fee for quicker delivery?

This one is fun too!


I would be happy to discuss that with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please hold on while I prepare a custom offer of $30 for 30 minutes of my time to discuss anything you wish.

I look forward to our discussion after you have accepted the custom offer.


That’s a good one. Better laugh about it, than cry. If I’m to be annoyed by those seller, may as well get some entertainment out of it. :grin:

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You are welcome to copy my QRs and use them yourself. :wink:

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Thank you, I’ll take them as inspiration, but I’m sure I can come up with something interesting (That don’t break the rules of course!) :innocent:

After seeing your art and how creative you are, I am sure you will! :joy:

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That’s the one I came up with if anybody want to use it, be my guest.

"Hi {username},

I am an AI set up by the seller Zreine to respond for her when she is unavailable. My job consist in analyzing your message and come up with the best offer that fits your needs.


Error. Message unreadable. Can’t process properly.

Result: The offer you need is a “English class so you can read the Terms of Services”.

Please wait while I make the offer. Your message is important for me,
please stay online so you don’t lose your call priority."


Oh! I like it! copied!