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Response rate down

Hello guys I am new seller to fiverr and I replied all of my messages within 1-2hrs but for some reason it is showing my response rate only 83% how to fix this?


keep patience success will come soon inshaallah.

Thank you brother but my question is not about I am not getting orders but why is my response rate down when I replied to all my messages within time

It’s some weird stuff with the algorithm. I have the same experience too. My response time is an hour, but therating has been on 88% for a while. It moved to 90% recently, then back to 88 yesterday.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

Over the past year or so, this has been going on occasionally. Sometimes it even affects my seller level performance. If/when that is the case, I make a ticket with Fiverr Support and they look at my account. They see that I do respond within the required period and “reset” my response time clock to where it should be.

This is the fault of the algorithm but it’s your responsibility to make a ticket. Fiverr support has never had an issue with fixing it, but I don’t think they can automatically
“see” which or how many sellers it affects.

Hey thanks for the advice ryan. I just raised a ticket. Hoping they will look into it quickly as I dont want it to effect my gig performance.

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I also face this issue. My response time got down highly. What happen I don’t understand.

started happening out of the blue, somewhat randomly after they switched the seller levels to reset every 30 days.

In fact, it’s happening to me right now. I also think it’s affecting the on time completion rate. I think the metric sliders that govern the algos aren’t exactly on the 30 day mark, and are purposely edged ahead a bit so you know where you need to work on before the deadline happens.

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