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Response Rate Drop Critically!

So the thing is I submitted a custom offer to the buyer request last month (June, >30 days). Few hours later, I received a message from the buyer, says that he chose other people for the project. I read it and treat it as an acknowledgement from the buyer. So, I close the message without reply.
Yesterday, I checked my profile and found out that my response rate is 33%!! I’m quite new here, may I know if there is any way to solve this? :sob: :sob: :sob: Will the response rate affects me from getting customers by Fiverr algorithm?


To keep the response rate healthy, you must try and respond to each new inquiry you get from Fiverr preferably within 24hrs.This does not count for any older messages you have already replied for.

In order to retrieve the response rate, try and respond to any new inquiries you get in future, as soon as possible!

First, start off with responding to the message you have already got from your custom offering. Or else rate will keep on dropping.

I’m not quite sure how does response rate effect the algorithm.

GG’s man.

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Don’t worry It will be back again 100% after 60 days even if you do not message some one. Reply everyone in this case you must have replied. Thanks for contacting me No problem. atleast any thing to everyone.