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Response Rate Drop Even If You Respond Immediately


This really needs to be fixed. Especially when the response rate is a metric for account evaluation.

I reported this often and just for the record, I contact CS again.

When I receive a message from a blocked user, I have to unblock him to answer his message in order to keep my response rate up.

However, even when I do this, I now see in my analytics a red exclamation mark telling me that my response rate is only 80%! I always respond within half an hour though.

I only can speek for myself, but if I will be demoted because of a bug in the system, I will leave Fiverr for what it is and never do any gig again.


Yes absolutely I agree.

I also look at my inbox constantly and yet often I cannot see what needs to be answered. I get dozens of messages every day and it is very easy to miss one that I have not answered. The little red clock does not usually appear on an unanswered message.

In a huge pile of messages in a list, there is no way to see ones I missed and then get an unpleasant surprise. I can’t even see it when I hunt for it when it drops. I always message customer support when it happens, and they manage to find the one that I missed.

Mine dropped to 99% again the other day, and I have no idea why or what didn’t get answered, or if it’s one of the random drops it does for no reason. I’m tired of bugging customer support all the time about it.


I totally understand your frustration.

I’ve contacted CS multiple x’s about this same issue. They typically do a reset, but writing them each time it happens is a royal pain. If a message is auto-blocked we shouldn’t have to unblock to send a message to save our response rate, that defeats the purpose.


I got one of those today. I did nothing with it, and my response rate is still 100%. I think things are simpler for we level one sellers who get one or two gigs a day. Our inboxes do not get

Of course, we are not making many $ :money_mouth_face:, but we have it simpler . . .


I spent ten minutes laboriously opening up all the messages I had in the last 24 hours when mine dropped the other day. I couldn’t find any I didn’t answer.

Stupid :poop::japanese_goblin::clown_face::-1::fist_left::fu: response rate!


You are too funny, Crystal.


UPDATE: It has been reset.
There is another additional fact we have to think about:

Assuming that some sellers receive less messages than others, we have to take into consideration that 1 message out of 10 that is falsely recognized as unanswered, has a lot more impact than if it is 1 out of 100 or even 1 out of 1000.
Sellers with a high volume of communication are therefore less affected than those with a lower volume.
Thus, it isn’t very nice to use the response rate as a metric for account evaluation.


I see a drop in impressions if my rate goes down 1 point.


I’m at 94% and less than 1 hour response time but i cant see how its possible to do better than that?