Response Rate drop when you are a Seller AND a Buyer


Hi, I’m a Level 2 seller, and I also buy gigs. My issue is the response rate is not separate for whether you are selling or buying. So, after I’ve bought a gig, and the seller thanks me or whatever, the response rate calculation is based on me responding back to that simple (final), “thanks.” So, I could go, “no, thank you”, then the seller is forced to say, “no, no, thank, thank you” so their response rate is not affected and so on. This is madness and unfair to my response rate as a seller. Please fix this!


Response rate is calculated only for the 1st Response to any INCOMING message.


Okay, but consider this…A seller may thank a buyer in a new thread. Like,
“thanks for the tip.” If I, as the buyer, don’t reply, with a “you’re
welcome.” as the buyer, then my response rate as a Seller (which I was not
in that transaction) is dropped. Why should my responses as a *buyer *be
calculated at all in my seller statistics? That makes no sense and totally
skews any meaning for how I am conducting my business as a seller.



Let me ask you this, are most of your orders placed as a BUYER, happen without prior correspondence with a seller?

Meaning do you ALWAYS directly place an order without contacting the seller via inbox first?


It depends. I don’t “always” do either. If their gig is very clear and my
order is very clear, I may not contact them before placing the order. And,
there have been times when I have contacted them first before
ordering especially if they request that.


Well the reason I asked, is because, as I previously stated, its the first response to an incoming message that is utilized for the calculation of the response rate.

So unfortunately, in situations, where you directly place an order, after conclusion, if the seller does want to show gratitude by sending you a message, you would have to respond to it and the system will mark it as a new conversation since you are both “Buyer & Seller”.

You may wish to contact Customer Support, to see if they offer any advice or insight into this situation.

Do keep us posted if you happen to do so. :thumbsup: