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Response Rate Drop Without any Reason

Hi Fiverr Family.

Till yesterday on 2nd March 2020, My response rat was 100%. I have responded to all messages immediately.
As I am newbie therefore I only received messages from only 4 clients since I am on Fiverr i.e from last 7 days. I haven’t received any message from the last 48 hours.
All the messages I received I responded quickly that’s why my Response rate was 100%.

But now on today 3rd March, when I woke up and logged in my Fiverr account I was shocked to see that Now my Response rate is 50%.
I haven’t received any message but still my response rate falls from 100 % to 50 %.

Everything is Fine, There is no spam or unread message but now my response rate is only 50 %.

I also submitted a request to Fiverr Customer Care but they haven’t responded yet.

I am in serious worry. I hope that You will help me.


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Can anyone help me plz?

Happens to me sometimes as well…
Don’t worry, contact CSs and they would do it. They would respond soon.
Relax till then!

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I have contacted with CSs, My request was solved but still My Response rate is 50% :unamused:

Contact them again. Try to explain the case properly.
It stays for 60 days and would be 100% back anyway :slight_smile:

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