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Response Rate Dropped and I don't know why

Hi everyone.
I am a new seller and I answer to everyone! In the fastest time possible! This morning I checked my profile and the response rate dropped from 100% to 83%.

Anyone know why this could happen?


welcome to fiverr forum. Your response rate is dropped because you replied a little bit late … Like out of 1 hour ,

If your response rate dropped from 100% to 83% it means you either didn’t respond to a first message from a buyer or you responded but not within 24 hours of receiving the message. Sometimes it could be because of messages going out of the 60 day window and leaving you with more you didn’t respond to but that shouldn’t be the case here since your response rate was 100% before.

Check the inbox and check the spam folder.

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Sometimes messages get stuck in the spam folder, increasing response time and rate.