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Response rate dropped due to spam

In the 2 weeks that I have been active on Fiverr, I have only received spam messages :roll_eyes: where the “buyer” wanted me to speak to them outside of fiverr or they wanted to offer a job outside of fiverr. The first couple of messages I responded to within few hrs declining the buyer and reminding them of the Fiverr TOS and I reported them as well.

The last message that came in few days ago, I was unable to respond to that message initially because it was already flagged and it just showed a notification at the bottom that I cannot respond to this message as the Trust and Safety department is reviewing it (or something along those lines). The reply option was completely disabled. So I was under the impression that the Fiverr team is going to take care of it and there is no need for me to take any further action. I checked the message several times within the 24 hr period and still there was no option to reply/report as it was under review.

However, as I was looking at my inbox yesterday, I realized that the flag by the trust and safety team was removed from that message and I could now respond. I never got the notification or an update though that the message was no longer flagged and it’s awaiting my reply. So I just responded to them yesterday and then reported the message.

But I see that my response rate is now 67%!! I just don’t understand why I am being penalized when I couldn’t even reply/report the message within the 24 hr deadline and the Fiverr team itself failed to flag a scam/spam message even after being under review. It just doesn’t seem fair.

So I contacted CS and after going back and forth with them explaining the situation in detail, this is the latest response I get from them.

Thanks for following up.

I am sorry that you feel this way.

I’m afraid that if you do not have a screenshot and/or a video confirming that there was no option to reply nor to mark the message as spam, we will not be able to assist you with this request, since we are not experiencing any issues with this feature.

The ratings you are seeing are correct,

Thanks for understanding.

What a f*****g joke!! “Not experiencing any issue with this feature” LOL. So CS is clueless about how their own platform works when a message is under review by their OWN TEAM! Clearly you can’t Trust the trust and safety team to flag an obvious spam message. But I’m supposed to take screenshots/videos of every message that comes through so I can “prove myself” when Fiverr drops the ball? This is BS!

Has anyone else experienced something like this? And how does this affect my gigs showing up on searches etc?

Rant over. Thanks for listening.

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I always reply to spam messages even they are already flagged. That way you can avoid any issue with response rate (unless it is different issues, but that is bug then).

So when you get message like that, you have option at bottom to “ublock” user. That way you can answer them with something like “You are violating TOS with this message, please stop that” and then after you reply it, you can report his/her message again so it is flagged as spam.


Whenever I had issues with my RR plummeting due to spammage and such. I contacted CS and they reset my numbers back to :100:%. Maybe they are no longer doing this. However, they’ve never asked me to produce a screenshot or video. :thinking:

I understand the option to ‘unblock the user’ is not visible. Wow, I do see your point, I really don’t know what to tell you here. This has always been a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t like wasting my time responding to nasty SPAM. We really shouldn’t have to respond. However, we are forced to reply to avoid our RR from tanking.

Yes, I understand that. And that’s exactly what I did for the previous messages and had no issues. But the last message that came in, I couldn’t even respond back or do anything because everything was disabled (the whole reply section) and it just showed a message at the bottom from Fiverr that I cannot respond to this message/user as it is currently under review from the Trust and Safety team.

Now I don’t know if it was a bug or that’s how the platform works, but I don’t see how I could have taken any action within the 24 hr deadline when it was under review that whole time. So it seems unfair to me that I am being penalized for it. :frowning:

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I am afraid that you can’t do anything about it then. Only thing you can do now is if this happens again, take screenshot and send to CS.

It looks like message was on review and “Trust and Safety team” accepted message as good or something. And CS only saw that you replied after 24 hours, not that it has be reviewed.
Or there was a bug in system and you replied after bug was fixed.

Yeah I don’t know why they expected me to take a screenshot when it said that Fiverr Team is reviewing the message.

And what bugs me more is the fact that Trust and Safety team failed to take action when it was an obvious spam message but they expect us to be on top of it. I don’t know why they would dump the message back to me (without any notification) after reviewing it and expect me to flag it again. And even then, it didn’t help because it was already past the 24 hr mark.

So far I am not impressed with how CS is handling this and their lack of understanding and awareness of how the messaging system works.

Yeah I guess I’ll have to take a screenshot of every message that comes through now to be on the safe side. It’s just such a waste of time though. I could be doing better things, like promoting my gigs and trying to get orders.

Oh well hopefully the drop in the rating won’t affect my gigs too much.

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