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Response rate dropped during night time

Hello lovely people!

During night time, my response rate dropped from 100% to 83%. I had no unread messages and having the app on my phone I respond immediately to messages so it makes no sense. I sent a message to the support center but I wanted to ask you guys something else.

Should I turn off my online mode during the night (through the app)? In that case, even if I even get a message during the night my responce rate will not drop because I’ll be offline? If not, is there any way not to be anxious about being asleep when I receive a message from a buyer?

Thank you in advance! Have a good day!

Edit: I think it was a bug because CS fixed it! :slight_smile:



Response rate is calculated by how often you respond to a new/opening message within 24 hours of receiving it. So by the sounds of it, one of three things has happened on your account;

  1. There’s a bug, which has caused you to be penalised for a message too quickly.
  2. It’s in relation to a message you weren’t aware of, or have missed.
  3. You’ve reported a message as spam, but didn’t reply to it before reporting it.

Could any of these be the case on your account?


I think this is something customer support will solve.
Because it is strange to drop from 100 to 83%.

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I think the 3 options that you’ve been given above will cover it.

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Your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first responses you sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days.

Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours.

Evan from fiverr customer support,

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Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message.


Yes but for some people it’s not the case. I’ve read a bunch of complaints that simply reporting the message doesn’t work. It always works for me, though.

That being said, my response rate dropped to 99% because I blocked the person on the app but didn’t report the message as spam first.


I think, there will be any bug. Hope so that on next evaluation, your response rate will be higher than this.

In that case when you contact customer support department, they will restore your original response rate.

I doubt that. I didn’t report the message as spam, I blocked the person. I assumed blocking the person would automatically put them into spam category but apparently, it doesn’t.

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This wasn’t the case for us, which is why I mentioned it.

We had an instance a few months back where we marked a message as spam, without replying first. Our response rate dropped. We reported it to CS who confirmed it was the spam message causing the problem, but said they could not retrospectively fix our response rate.

It only dropped us down by about 1% so wasn’t a big deal, but we now respond to everything, even spam, before reporting it.


Just so you’re aware (and in case anyone else reads this), this is wrong.

Your response rate is based on whether or not you respond to all new enquiries within 24 hours or not.

So if you get 10 enquiries in a week, and you reply initially to all 10 within 24 hours, you would have a response rate of 100%. If you only responded to 9 in time, and the 10th one you ignored (or responded to later than 24 hours), your response rate would be 90%.

It has nothing to do with orders in progress.

I just write ‘spam’ on anything I suspect of being spam, then block it!

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Thank you all for your replies!

I guess it was a bug after all because the CS fixed it for me. They told me to clean my cache/cookies but my rate was fixed before I did that.

I’m glad I opened this thread because now I know what I should do if I ever get any spam messages.

Take care, guys!

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I don’t think so because I have responded to all of my messages within far less than 24 hours too and still my response rate drops.

Quoted from the above;

How Does It Work?

The Response Rate Indicator tracks a seller’s first response to a new request. While it is important to continue responding to buyers until a conversation has concluded, those later messages are not a factor in the overall Response Rate.

The Response Rate Indicator factors only the last 60 days of seller activity, so sellers always have the option of improving their performance over time and will not experience long-term consequences for poor Responsiveness.

Don’t know but I always responds within 1-3 hours.

It’s either a bug on your account, or you’ve failed to reply to a message by mistake. It’s easily done, we’ve done it before.

If you’re concerned, you should speak to Customer Support about it as they may be able to assist you.

When the buyer send you a message you will give the reply in 1-5 seconds.
Then your response rate will be increase.:slight_smile:

Unless you are sat at your computer, fingers positioned over your keyboard waiting to pounce, this isn’t humanly possible.

You have 24 hours. You don’t need to reply in 5 seconds.