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Response Rate Dropped For No Reason

Hello Seniors!

I’m new to Forum and don’t know how or where this post should be, so I apologize in advance.

I am very possessive about my fiverr account, I’m quite certain that I’ve respond to every inquiry within minutes. Today, I found my response rate has dropped to 90% from 100% mysteriously, even I don’t have any conversations pending. I’ve searched many of the topics about response rate and read them carefully, but I can’t get my answer from there.

I want to ask:
How does your response rate randomly drop if you’ve been seemingly doing everything right Or is there something I’m missing?

I am very thankful to experts if they help me with this problem.

Hello @mustafa_designz :slightly_smiling_face:
I can understand your frustration about this because it happens with me also when I open my account. But sometimes it happens because of their system bug. Sometimes it happens because of spam messages.
If you are sure enough that you response all of your message within 24 hours or you got a spam message then contact with CS.
If you have any fault they will tell you otherwise they will set your response rate as it was before.