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Response rate dropped suddenly. I didn't even get 1st order

I am new on fiverr, just made my ID and Gig on 16th oct. I’m sending buyer requests daily, buyers ask me about the offer but I never got any order. Suddenly today my respond rate dropped to 89% from 100%. What should I do?


Hi, I was just searching the forums in regards to my own similar experience.
It seems Fiverr is more strict with response times… You almost need to be online continually to answer all messages sent to you immediately. Very annoying… I am watching my response rate drop in ever increasing increments… So, always respond to any messages in your inbox as soon as you can is all I can offer in advice. Of course unless it is spam and report it as such.
I am also curious… I am a seller and buyer, does my communication as a buyer affect my response rate on my seller page as they are connected to the same account? Because I intentionally let my seller have the last word so that they do not get a lowered response rating. Anyways…
Good luck!

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Thankyou and I have reported because it was in spam.

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