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Response rate dropped to 75% penalty

My rating got dropped to 75% because I did not reply to one message.

How do I get this reversed?

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Sorry, but you don’t get it reversed. Not possible.

You have to ensure you respond to all first message within 24 hours.

The only way to improve your stats is to ensure that you do respond to all future first messages within 24 hours.

To be clear, when I say first messages I mean if I message you now, you would have to respond to me within 24 hours. If I then reply to your response, you can safely ignore my second message without receiving a penalty.

To end on a positive, so long as you respond to all first messages within 24 hours for 60 consecutive days, then you will find your stats reset to 100%.


My rating also dropped to 75% Because of first message late reply.
But after completion 4 order it has 100% now.
So no problem do your work consistently.

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Your response rate will be increase if you replay your next upcoming messages.
Suppose by replaying your next message, you will get response rate 80%. Other hand if you not replaying , response rate will be decrease.

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Yes you are absolutely right :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:.

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Thank you all for the advise! I see already its creeping back up to 80%