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Response rate dropped to 75%

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Fiverr and don’t know how or where this post should be, so I apologize in advance and I kindly ask you to please guide me through with this issue.

Today, looking at my dashboard, I found my response rate has dropped to 75% and shows “Inbox (1)”. I have no conversations pending whatsoever and the weird thing is that I checked up the Analytics is also showing that 75% response rate.

Thanks in advance for any help you may give me,



try giving a fast response to your clients, this can only happen if you stay online for a long time so that you can reply in a quick time.

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Thanks @writersarena for your reply but the point is I DON’T have any ongoing conversation :disappointed_relieved:

try sending buyer requests and gaining more clients. This can help you

Ask CS to check your stats - they might be able to reset it for you.


When a buyer knock you then you have to reply him within 1 hour otherwise your response rate will be dropped . That’s the reason behind this.
Try to reply in a minute.


No - it only drops if you take more than 24 hours to respond, unless there’s some sort of problem which CS can sort.

Not realistic. :wink:

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@offlinehelpers Thanks for your kind answer, I’ll follow your advise:slightly_smiling_face: and hoping for the best:roll_eyes:


@imtiaznoim I always respond on time, my average is 1 hour. This issue I found just now. Thanks anyway for your reply:slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually It happened with me once that’s why I told you that. But now everything is fine.
Anyways thanks you.nowsee

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Anyways thank you for your comment.

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Thank you offlinehelpers for restating this. Too many sellers are losing sleep :sleeping: over trying to keep their response rate up and sleeping with their Fiverr App logged in and their mobile phones next to their beds. I always log off of Fiverr and sleep for 8-9 hours, get up make coffee, freshen up and then log in to Fiverr to view my messages. My response rate has never fallern below one hour. :crossed_fingers: :smiley:


That might be a but :bug: or might be the calculation of 2 months. I’ve read in the forum that fiverr calculates every 2 months some statistics, it might be a part of that.

If the problem is disturbing, then contact support please.

@arafatjamil01 Thanks.

Maybe it’s bug, yes, due to the shown “Inbox (1)” when there’s nothing to reply to :thinking:

I’ll follow @offlinehelpers advise and get in touch with CS to see if they can fix this.

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@offlinehelpers Sorry to bother you again and please excuse my ignorance.

Can you please teach me how to reach CS and what type of ticket should I submit? I’m a little lost here, never thought this could happen to me :frowning_face:

Here you go:

Maybe try ‘feature’ then ‘other selling features’?

Thank you very much!


Ok, CS restored my stats and my response rate is back to 100% :smiley:

The only problem that subsists is the Inbox showing as if I still have a message awaiting for an answer and that, I’m unable to correct because there are no messages in my Inbox waiting for reply. I really don’t know how to address this :frowning_face:

I would appreciate if somebody knows how to clear this one ghost message, for I’m guessing it will continue affecting my response rate.

BTW, due to this non existing message, I’m starting to think that this can be more of spaming rather than a bug problem :triumph:


What makes you think so?

Hi @arafatjamil01, I’m no expert but it’s obvious that the system by itself can’t create an imaginary message coming from an imaginary buyer.

I’m not sure but I think I was spamed and this spam message was flaged and deleted even before I could even get to see it, but somehow the entry remains in my account and maybe in others that may have been spamed as well. I really don’t know, it’s just a thought to the wind. I know nothing about programming, just basics.

BTW, may I say publicly that CS treated me very, very kindly. Nothing to complain about other than this non existing message that keeps on showing in my dashboard and can’t be cleared although they fixed my account several times. What CS did tell me was that it won’t interfere with my stats. I hope so, else I’ll have to bother once again CS and take away their time :frowning:

I also want to thank @offlinehelpers for taking her time in guiding me correctly :slightly_smiling_face: