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Response rate dropped when I didn't reply to spam

I received an email that looked very much like spam. I reported it as spam and the pop up message states that not replying will not affect your response rate yet my response rate has now dropped 50%.

Has anyone else experienced this? What is the correct thing to do when you are in this situation?


Yep, I made a thread about it not too long ago. Same thing happened to me. You need to answer to them and then report them. You can just send a “.” or tell them to read the TOS and then report. Your response rate should not go down if you do that.


Thank you so much for your reply! It sucks that the pop up says your response rate won’t be affected but it does. So thank you for saying to just reply and then report! Will definitely do this in the future.

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When I have had this happen to me, I have written to customer service and asked them to adjust my response rate due to not answering spam. You can refer customer service to the spammer who wrote you and also let them know that you were under the impression when you clicked the spam button that your response rate was not going to be affected. If you had known this, you would have first responded, then reported. They have helped me and put me back where I was in response rate when this has occurred.



Depending of when OP’s next evaluation is, it may not be worth it. It resets every 60 days and the CS may take 10-14 days to respond. So sometimes it’s better to just wait.


Thank you for advising to contact customer service. They replied really quickly and were really helpful!


They have always come through for me! Glad they helped you! :slight_smile:


All evaluations are on the 15th (some appear on the 14th due to wherever they may be). Waiting is not a good option - you should always address a problem immediately in order to get things fixed, which seems to be what occurred.