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Response Rate Dropping?

So, I have a rant/question. I have answered every message in my inbox within 24-48 hours, but my response rate has dropped to 85%. What gives Fiverr???
I would understand if I was slacking, but I have spoken to everyone.

Response rate is measured by how many first time messages you have replied in 24 hours of receiving. So you should try to reply first time message in the 24 hours instead of waiting for 48 hours. I hope that it helps you.

Thank you. I typically do answer in the 24 hour range, and it has dropped again! In fact, all my recent ones have been in 24 hours… I wonder what is giving!

You are welcome. Actually, the response rate is calculated for last 30 days. It may decrease even if you have started replying to each message recently (statistically possible). The best strategy is to keep replying in 24 hours and wait. It will definitely improve.

I have exactly the same problem, and I always answer ALL my messages EVERY morning without fail. The system has a bug.

The system has a bug and a lot of others are experiencing the same issue. Don’t worry about it.

If it really bugs you, you can reach out to customer support for assistance. They will look into it and possibly do a reset.

Thanks everyone! I think I will contact them. I don’t see them fixing it immediately, and I know it took awhile even to get on vacation mode, considering I have to reject 5 offers.