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Response rate drops by not replying to SPAM in your inbox?

From all few messages I received this month I replied to all of them, except three - with spam written all over.

They were identical, from a “guy” supposedly serving abroad who “wants to know me better”…

Now because of that my response rate dropped from 100% to 33%.

Now what was the point of response rate again?

If you don’t respond to a message because it’s spam, you need to report it clicking the small “report” link.

I got a spam message as well and when I open it, it’s saying buyer cannot be contacted, and this too have affected my response rate. We shouldn’t be affected because of this.

I went from having a 100% response rate to 11% because I don’t respond to spammy custom offers. I had never received a custom offer until I posted my first gig. Now I have to wonder if that low response rate is the reason I haven’t gotten any offers. Where is this REPORT link at? Also if I try to reply “No Thanks” it gives me an error message. WTF?

I don’t know and I’m not sure about this buuuut I think not responding to spam and directly marking it as spam still affects your response rate… Due to this belief, I reply to spam messages with “This is considered spam, please don’t contact me again” then mark it as spam. So at least Fiverr knows I reply to all my messages. LOL. (Got pissed before cause of this, since originally I don’t reply to messages like this, then my response rate became 60% so Then I decided to reply to every message, now it’s at 94%. whew)

This’s annoying. I’m both a seller and a buyer, I usually got spam messages like “Hi, saw you buying X gig. I have Y gig, please take a look.”

or I post a request and instead of answering using the “buyer request” system, they decided to message me (don’t know why).

And now I MUST reply to them. I shouldn’t have to.

I always write Spam in response to them after that i put it in spam.

I replied to Spam message, but my response rate dropped anyway, there is still little alarm sign next to a message that I should response in few hours to keep the response rate. So annoying! I do not have many gigs yet and every message like this affects my response rate dramatically.

Reply to @belengarcia: I see. So I suppose it is then, after sender is reported, the message becomes impossible to open for all users “due to privacy reasons”.

Thank you for the info! The next time I will know how to respond to such messages.

Reply to @belengarcia: Actually that doesn’t work with me. And if I haven’t get a change to read the spam message yet (it’s reported by others and won’t open), RESPONSE RATE still goes down.