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Response rate drops for no apparent reason

Every now and then my response rate drops to 97% for no apparent reason and then I have to wait 30 days for it to go back up to 100%, and just now I notice it’s 95%. What’s happening?

I answer to every single message I get, if not immediately, then as soon as I wake up. Now I suspect my gigs are ranked lower because of this.


You are being lucky! My response rate even being less than 3 hours tops are dropping for I don’t know the reason too. But in my case it is in 76% from one day to another. :0

I have reported the error today too…

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Ouch, well I hope it’s just a glitch and they resolve it soon!

I also have the same issue, it dropped at 97% yesterday then goes down to 95%. Like you, I also answer every questions from buyers. My response time is 1hr on average so a drop from my response rate doesn’t really make sense.

Same issue here. Contacted fiverr CS and they said that they have reloaded the counters but still its the same.

Yup, mine continues to steadily drop, currently sitting at 93%.

Dropped another time to 92% now. Is anyone looking into this?

My response rate has been 0% since I started, and it’s still 0% with a response time of N/A.

Are we supposed to respond to orders (other than delivering them), even if we don’t need additional info? I didn’t really think that was a ‘conversation.’

I have the same problem too!!
I answer the 100% of all messages i receive. Majority of them in less than 1 hour or immediately. I have the mobile app, and i respond although it’s night and i’m sleeping. I work very hard every day and i can’t understand why Fiverr have an indicator that offends to the work of the sellers!!
Please, fix this bug asap !!

I am also having this problem. Please fix.

You mist respond to the first communication within 24 hours. use a quick response if you’re busy. Report spam if it’s spam, but you must respond.

This only applies to the very first message to you.

Yeah, mine dropped to 50%, and the only thing I’ve let go longer than 24 hours was the 2nd or third response to messages not tied to an offer. Very odd.

I have always responded to the first communication within 24 hours (I thought, maybe I missed one). Is an order a ‘message’?

Again this problem is appearing!!
Fiverr is doing something bad in this aspect because again is running wrong.
I respond the 100% of the messages i receive.
But the indicator simply is lying, or is bad programmed.
But one thing is real… Every time i receive a message from a spammer… the indicator drops.
It doesn’t matter if i unlock the message from spammer and answer him. I’m always affected.
It’s very frustrating for a seller who is always pending of its clients to see how the system is running bad.
Please, fix it or eliminate it !

Even worse, my response rate is at -50% (YES. IT IS IN THE NEGATIVE.) even though I have answered all my messages.

I am starting to think it is platform related! I use my Ipad, Android and computer to keep connected with Fiverr.

If you look at my response rate, it’s low now from one day to the other… Usually when I check a new message on the Ipad.

I never answer late!

Tip: Contact the Fiverr support. They will fix it for you. I did it two times already but, it is the way for now.

The reason why it drops is because when the buyer has the last word it counts as if you are not replying, when someone spams your inbox and you fail to report it counts as a no reply. Contact support and inform them and they will resolve the issue.

Not just spamming or not answering always after the buyer. I already know that!

Already had to ask two times for support to bring all to normal. They did. They said the same thing but I had no spam or unanswered last buyer post.

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Same issue, except since I’m new it dropped to 50%, and I looked into every possible inbox I can have, and all my messages are replied. Contact CS? :thinking:

Yeah, I did contact CS a couple of times and they “reset” it for me. Got tired of it and now I just let it sit there just below a 100%.

Strange that this widespread issue isn’t addressed yet.