Response Rate drops to 98%-- should be 100%


I have had it with the response rate.

I notified customer support yesterday that one of my messages had the red alarm clock showing on it even though it was an ongoing conversation which I had replied to.

Guess what? Now my response rate has gone from 100% to 98%.

Yes it does indeed cause my gigs to go down in their placement.

Very frustrating. I keep my responses answered at all times by checking in multiple times 7 days a week.


Yep, mine went down from 99% (where it’s been for months due to this issue) to 94%, and I’m responding to everything. I don’t want to waste my time asking CS to fix this stupid, buggy little feature, so I don’t, but you could.


Now once again a buyer who tried to give me 5 stars has it showing as only 4.3 stars.

Is fiverr out to get me?


Your response rate is purely for you to be able to know how efficiently you are replying to people and in what rate… It does not affect your profile nor your buyers know about it…

As per the 4.3… That’s always annoying and fiverr should definitely do something about it :slight_smile:


Mine’s 81%. Don’t care, still get all the orders.


Well said !


It affects where your gigs show up in my experience.


Indeed that was our thought as well, however after messaging fiverr constantly we were assured that it does not affect anything…

Truly hope they are right about that :wink:


Happened to me too. I’ve contacted CS for third time.


It dropped to 88% to me and I got it fixed by CS, but yesterday it happened again :slight_smile:


Please fiverr fix these.


Customer support used to automatically fix it on the spot as soon as I sent a message to them.

Fiverr fix this and fix the app that wont let buyers leave 5 star reviews-- or give us a message about the problems and what is going on? It would help immensely.
Let us know you care and are working to solve these please.



I got a fix put on it by customer support today. I sent screenshots of the message I had answered that still had the little clock on it. Thank you customer support.


The exact same thing has happened to me multiple times and I’ve contacted Fiverr Support every time as well. They fixed it (temporarily), but I’ve grown tired of having to message them about it constantly.

My response rate is magically down to 95% now, even though I ALWAYS answer each message within a few hours!

They never tell me why this could be the case (apart from the red clock of doom being there even though you already replied). My hunch? Spam messages that don’t appear in the seller’s inbox for whatever reason. So while we feel like we answer every inquiry, maybe there are some messages wearing an invisibility cloak…

Anyway, I feel your pain. :frowning:


issue to everybody… another victim but who cares :slight_smile:


Same happens with me. I replied to my clients within times and Fiverr showing me red signal and they drop down my rate from 100% to 94%. Although I replied that client.


From 100% to 96% … going down without any reason and it keep going down -.-


I respond to the request messages very quickly as I manage to keep myself online 24hrs and I don’t know why my rates are also dropping


It happened to me as well - not once, but three times now. I didn’t submit a ticket to Customer Support on the first one, but I did on the second one and it’s been open since then with no updates.

Here is what they wrote:
"Thanks for the information. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket #1694801 and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team. Thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."

It has since been over 1 month and my response rate after 3 of these + 1 spam report went down to 84%.
I told them I understand it takes time to fix this bug, but at least they should fix our response rate. No answer at all.


I’ve had similar issues with the response rate over the last few weeks. I encourage anyone experiencing problems to reach out to Customer Support. They were really helpful in getting it all straightened out for me.