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Response rate drops without any reason

I just noticed that my response rate dropped down while I am answering every single message within 5 hours mostly!

How is this possible??

Have you experience some weirdness in statistics as well?

I have recently 2 very old messages that are ready, but keep being marked as Unread on all browsers, but phone. When I click on the message it says “Something went wrong”…and they are still like unread…


try to reply your messages within 5min. you are getting long time to reply

:arrow_up: Not necessary… As long as you are replying within 24 hours, it should not be affecting your response rate. You should be fine. @retouchstudio1 try checking your spam folders or other folders… If there are any messages there that you haven’t replied to, that might be affecting your response rate. If not, then I’d suggest that you contact CS regarding this.

:arrow_up: This looks like it is some kinda bug. You should definitely contact CS about this. Also, try to clear your Fiverr related browser caches and cookies and see if that might work.


@hanshuber16 thank you for reply. but i noticed getting long time my response rate dropped. and in message section fiverr note that your response rate is low if you late your reply. and they mention “try to reply fast”.


Taking longer time to respond only increases your response time. As long as you reply back within 24 hours of receiving the first message from a new buyer, your response rate remains unaffected.

Yes, that’s right. And in this :arrow_up: message, “try to reply fast” time is 24 hours and not 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Like I mentioned earlier, if you replied to all the first messages from new buyers within 24 hours, and yet, you saw a drop in your response rate, you could contact CS and let them know about it.

Another thing I would like to point out is that- Fiverr calculates the response rate based on the last 60 days of data. So, if you might have had a case (in the last 60 days), where you probably didn’t respond to a message within 24 hours, that could be the reason for the reduction of your response rate.