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Response Rate Entrapment

When messages are automatically marked as SPAM, the automated message states that it will not affect the response rate. But that is a lie because it does affect the response rate. If you ask CS about it, they say you’re supposed to mark it as SPAM. How can I do that when the message is already marked as SPAM by the system? Unmark it and then mark it manually? Great system…


I have read of users who do that to ensure those type of messages do not cause issues with their response rate. I personally do not and still have a :100: percent rating in that area.


It must be a flawed system if it works for some people and not for others. CS should at least adjust the response rate when this happens to someone. Instead, they unfairly blame the user and do nothing.

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It does not work right for me. If I just mark a message as spam or if it is marked for me and I don’t respond, my rate goes down. I agree that it is a problem, especially since the automated message tells you that it won’t count against you. I know it has been reported as a bug many times.

So far it has not been fixed, so my own solution is to simply use a one-word canned response to every spam message. Should I have to do it? No. Does it help? Yes, my response rate is usually 100% and it’s worth it to me since I have no clue where this bug is on the priority list. It keeps my stress levels lower to just take 10 seconds a week (if that many) to respond to any spam messages that come in.


I should add that I have had one or two that Fiverr has told me were spam.

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I had a non existing message that dropped my RR down to 78%. My dashboard said I had 1 unread message and my inbox showed none. CS fixed my rate but couldn’t find the “ghost message” as they also couldn’t see it in my inbox and said I had no message to reply to.

It happened to be a seller’s message that showed up 2 days later, it was sitting there silently and unseen during 4 days. I guess it was marked as spam long before I could even notice it existed.

Since then, I check my dashboard once a day just to make sure there are no unread messages showing.