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Response rate falling down why?


My clicks, Views, Impression all are going down :disappointed_relieved:
But how does it effect Response Rate %.
I have checked, there is no other way it can fall.
Can some one help me please.

Decrease response rate

The stats you mention doesn’t affect your response rate.


all you mention doesn’t affect your response rate or else you delay your reply to incoming messages


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Your response rate is falling down because you are not responding your clients timely.


Response quick to your buyer messages. When you response late it will effect to your response rate.


here is free forum where you can search for topics you are in need of and look after their discussion in the topic


If she gives response quickly to clients but her gig clicks, view, Impression all are going down. In this case what should she do?


by promoting gigs can help


She should change her gig tags and share it daily on social media.:slightly_smiling_face:


But if you want to edit your gig here is an another problem


Share your gig if its not work for you then delete this one and recreate it.


You are right it can be try


that isn’t a problem all you have to do is clicking on your profile then click on your gig and your gigs will be shown to you then you right click on the gig you plan to edit then you’re there already


Thanks all for your views. Appreciated !

But as I mentioned, my response never delayed. It is only one occasion I could not reply on time due to network issue. Otherwise my reply to respective buyers on time.
However what is done is done… So is there any way I can recover my response rate back now ?