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Response Rate Falling

Response rate falls automatically by 1 or 2 percent even though all new messages are replied to.

Is this a bug others are experiencing as well?

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The Response Rate is calculated from the previous 60 days as specified on your ‘Analytics’ page. As time passes, messages older than 60 days are no longer counted. Thus, you may experience that your Response Rate will decrease without you receiving any new messages.


No, but new messages have been replied to and if the rate has already fallen for messages not replied, then it should be constant at least.

It all depends on the number of messages. Try doing the math yourself and see if it doesn’t make sense then.

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ive had the same exact problem. My response rate went down to 97% suddenly with ALL messages being replied to, even spam.

It’s the same for me. Never had this happen before, seems to be a bug. My response rate also dropped with all messages being answered (like usual). Normally it would only start to drop after you did not answer a message for more than 24 hours, which is not the case.

It seems like there are currently some weird bugs occuring: Reporting a Bug,Please help