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Response Rate Feature

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some reactions on the newish response rate feature. I thought this was a neat idea at first but I’ve grown to dislike it. In the past two weeks I’ve noticed my response rate drop considerably, which is weird because I respond to all incoming messages from clients. Then I realized, “OH! I get messages from spammers sometimes and ignore those!” Thus explaining the significant drop in response rate. Personally, that upsets me. I don’t want to respond to users abusing the message box system, so I get penalized for it? I don’t think this feature should continue to be an accurate representation within a sellers analytics. Thoughts?

I answer spammers with “thanks not interested,” if they reply, I ignore that message. My rating varies between 99% and 100%.

My rating has been stuck on 97% no matter what I do. I spend many hours answering questions each day but am now usually giving a pretyped generic response, since I am much too busy to devote as many hours as I have been doing to this.

I do like the feature though and understand the need to promptly answer questions, but there are only so many hours in a day.

My response rate is low for the same reason. I get spam – I reply politely declining – they reply – I ignore them. Therefore I haven’t replied. Several of my buyers have commented on how well and frequently I communicate with them, but my official response rate is still very low.

I use a canned response the first time as well, but if they reply, I click report instead of ignoring it. I have no patience for spam, I admit. [-X Some people might call that too harsh. My response rate usually stays at least 99%.