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Response rate fix

Hello all,
I accidentally smashed my phone and couldn’t log in to Fiverr. I had plenty of messages but went on a holiday, had no laptop and couldn’t reply… Now my response rate has gone down to 86%, a few days before my next evaluation. Is there a way to somehow improve my response rate? Should I message as many people as possible via customer requests and then reply if they get back to me? If anyone wants to PM me would that count? I normally reply but due to many circumstances I couldn’t. I’ve been trying to become a level one seller for a long time, once again I will fail this month despite my good feedback and efforts…
Thanks for your help

There is only one option that you have to response your buyers too quickly .This is how you can increase the response rate . I will recommend you to send buyer requests daily . And try to be online as long you can .And you have 16-18 days to repair that . Hope you can repair that before evolution . :grinning: