Response Rate Frustration


I am a little annoyed at the Fiverr policy to mess with the response rate regardless of the message origin. I was in the habit of just deleting messages that were clearly spam. I know that there is a link to report spam, but I lazily avoided this and simply deleted messages that were generally solicitous and I would always reply to requests or questions related to my Gigs. Now my response rate is at 50% and that really bothers me.

So I see it as being given a poor mark for being spammed when I always reply to messages of actual concern. I don’t know if there is a way for Fiverr to fix this little frustration and am really only posting this to bitch. So there. Rant complete.


Spam messages I report, it counts as a reply and they never contact you again. win-win.


I learned that the hard way…


I didn’t understand why I had an 80% response rate, and it was because I didn’t respond to somebody who was trying to sell ME something.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I am talking about. It’s a ridiculous problem if you ask me. Apparently it will sort itself out after 30 days, but it is rather annoying.


And it’s going to even more with the more spammers we get. Fiverr knows this and despite still getting spam and then not being able to contact or reply, this is hurting EVERYONE’S RESPONSE RATE…

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