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Response rate glitches

I have been responding to every query since the start, but suddenly my response rate is lowering down. I personally have checked every message even now and still it is going down for some reason. Can anyone clarify how it is being calculated?

I have no idea how that’s calculated, but I can tell you it changes.

Yesterday I was at 97%, which is surprising since I respond pretty much everything, even spam.

Today is at 100%

I admit that sometimes I sleep and that could lower my response rate. Either way, that’s the easiest number to deal with. If you download the Fiverr App, you can respond messages when you’re watching TV, having lunch, etc.

The numbers that matter the most are:
Order Completion Rate
On-time Delivery (not a problem for me, but a problem for others)

When people get demoted, it’s for one of those reasons.

Mine has gone to a surprisingly low at 80, and all my stats are ready to be promoted, but this one has halted it

80% response rate? That’s pretty low. Did you write customer service? Maybe they can help you.

If you are at 80 it would have to either be that you are not answering every message in less than 24 hours (you have to reply, not just read) or you have some bug. I don’t see how you could even get enough spam to go that low. If you answer every single new message within 12 hours you should be well back from the “edge” and still sleep normally.

probably this happens due to the calculating period of 60 days. It is hard to explain. but the situation is due to not receiving new messages for you that previously received.