Response rate go down


Hi fiver community
My response rate go down from 100% to 94%. while i have respond to every one.
why it happens. any reason?
and what is response rate purpose/means?


Hi. If you´re sure you replied to every message within 24 hours, it´s probably a bug.

Did you recently get one of those spam messages that show already as blocked by Fiverr when you see them?
If so, screenshot that and open a ticket and tell Customer Support that after you got that message, your response rate dropped even though you replied to all other messages, they may reset your rate.

Everything you need to know about response time & rate, as the Fiverr Help Center article says :wink: :


yes. i have replied all message within one hour.

no i did not receive such message.

thanks. i will check that.


That sounds unhealthy, you should try sleeping a few hours at a time. Unless you´re lucky and incidentally only ever get messages while you´re awake anyway, of course.

You´re welcome. :slight_smile: I´ve had that problem with the spam :bug: a few times and CS kindly reset the rate for me.


haha these days i have get all messages when i awake. :wink:

thanks. i am contacting CS now.