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Response rate goes down when I respond promptly?


I think the new system is bugged because I just got 5-6 new inquiries within the past couple days and I responded to all of them within 6-12 hours, which should INCREASE my response rate. But instead it went down.

Please fix this.


We are buyers and sellers here on the Forum. We cannot fix your issue. Please contact CS.


I have the same issue.
RR is constantly decreasing from day to day and currently it is 92%.
I always had 100% response rate because I answer to all messages.
I rechecked all my inbox and didn’t find unaswered messages.
Also I noticed a serious drop in sales during the last two months.
Already contacted to cs and waiting for their response.


And today my RR decreased to 91%. It decreasing day after day. So I will lose my Level 2 Status soon.
I don’t know what to do with this :neutral_face:
CS don’t want to help me with this issue, just answered to me with standard answer about how Response Rate is calculated.


How fast do you answer your messages? The fiverr system favorites does that reply quickly to messages. 5mins to an hour is a good ballpark to aim at.

Put up some automated messages for when you’re out during the weekends.

Best of luck mate! I’m sure you can make it back to Level 2.
With Love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


Response Rate does not go down unless you fail to respond within 24 hours. Answering your messages quickly affects your response time, but not rate. I am offline for ten hours a day and my response time is still one hour. I have heard you have to respond to spam messages before you delete and block them or your response rate will go down.