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Response Rate Goes down!

I have a question about Response Rate. My response rate was 100% till 2-3 Weeks then suddenly after a month or so it went down to 86% or something, i don’t know what happened and ignored it. After some time i have send some buyer requests, and some buyers did message me back and i was online that time and i replied quickly with in a minute or so. like that i got 2-3 messages i replied, they asked some samples, and i was busy with them. Today morning i checked my rate it went up 90% , i was happy because it was green.
Then the sad thing happens, just now from out of no where my response rate went down 89%, now i am confuse, i did checked no new messages, is response rate is depend on orders? because i didn’t get any luck with buyer request since 10 days. Any suggestions?

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Did you refuse to message to some spammers? I think we need to reply to the spammers as well to maintain our response rate.

i think its a bug, i found a thread about it.Yes i got a Spam flag message but i replied it !

@catzyjade I Have Also your Problem

From what i read, you can contact CS and temporary fix that but again it will go down, so better to ignore it.