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Response Rate Going Down But I Reply To Every Message Within 1 or 2 Hours

I reply to every message, first I saw my response rate go down to 99% now i see a big 80%! My Response time was under 1hr but now its 7 hours.
previously i was replying from laptop but from lost month i was more active from my cell phone (through fiverr app).
What factors determine response rate?

Yup I just reported that too, similar situation. Let me ask you, did you have one of those users that got blocked before you tried to respond to it?

I had this issue last week, but after I politely sent a message to Fiverr Support asking about it, they corrected mine back to 100%. Their support staff is great about fixing these little bugs very quickly (as long as you’re polite, of course). :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s solved by CS. :slight_smile:
Thanks guys