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Response rate going down every day

Why my response rate going down everyday even i didn’t received any query from client?

Because it has 60 days rolling period and some messages not taken into account anymore.

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i know 60 days period but i replied to all queries within hour.

then check your spam messages. sometimes even if it shows that it wouldn’t count towards your rating it still does.

i almost daily checked spam folder but there is nothing to show.

How To find spam folder!!!

you don’t need to put so many exclamation marks.
go to your messages and choose spam folder instead of “all conversations”

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Thanks for helping!!!

I had the same issue the other day, after checking for unread messages or/and spam I couldn’t find any reason why this was happening, so I asked CS and they responded that everything was fine. I then checked again and indeed my response rate was back to 100%. Maybe it is a bug, but is better if you ask them directly to clarify this issue.

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ok that sound great…can you please let me know how can i ask to CS?

Here is the link for Customer Support:

Thanks for the link.

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