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Response rate going down for no reason

Greetings all,
Alright, when a buyer contacts me through messages, i always reply him back almost immediately. Recently i directly received an order that arrrived in my messages and found that the buyer has started a conversation with me over the order chat. When i went to reply to him on the messages page, fiverr has prompted me ti teply to the buyer on the order chat instead of the messages. Even though i teplied to the buyer and everything was ok, my reposnse rate was highly affected from 100 to 80 percent because i didn’t reply on the message but instead i replied on the order chat.

This seems very unfair because the fact is, i replied to the buyer intime.

Would any one please help, if this can be fixed
Sorry for the long message.



In inbox, when fiverr prompts you to send message on order page there is also written that send “here” instead. If you click on “here” you can send message in inbox.
There is nothing you can do now, just be careful next time


I agree, repsonse rate should take in consideration both ways of reply, either on the order page or the messages. I raised a ticket with fiverr CS as this seems unfair to be honest.

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