Response rate going to low


I have the response all the buyer. But I see that the response rate is low day by day.
Why does this happen? Can I know?
How to I can be fixed this problem. Please help me to solve that.



Have you checked ALL your messages? I had this happen recently. It will drop if you don’t respond to their first message within 24 hrs. If you responded to all of your messages within 24 hrs, I would recommend writing to Fiverr CS.


try to reply the buyer fast after doing this your response rate goes up.thanks


For “response rate” you only need to reply within 24 hours to every message sent to you to keep a 100% response rate (the first message sent from each user). If you respond to the 1st message sent to you from each user within the last 60 days, it should be 100% (though you’d also have to respond to spam messages).

It’s the “Average Response Time” that depends more on how fast you respond (where responding more quickly than just “within 24 hours” matters).


Thank you for your quary