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Response Rate gone crazy

Every day my response rate falls lower and lower. Yet I reply to everyone in less than an hour. Something is broke.

It’s down to 90% now from 100%. It’s dropped 1% a day now.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Mine is down to 95% this week. I’ve gone through and responded to every single message by this point, except for two that got reported as SPAM before I could get to them. I’m hoping if there’s a bug, it gets fixed! It certainly keeps us on our toes…

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same keep dropping now down to 88@%. I respond all the message and report spam…

Same problem happened to me in the last days; after reporting this bug my response rate has been manually refreshed and it was fine. Naturally after one day it’s wrong again :frowning:
Anyway, Fiverr team is aware of the problem and it’s already working to fix it.

Yeah mines at 96% I was like wtf? I thought it was because I didn’t reply to some spam I got sent but there’s nothing you can do about that when Fiverr auto rejects it, so I binned those two messages, then all of a sudden my RR goes down to 96% I sent a ticket to customer support but haven’t heard anything back, this is the second time this has happened to me, I respond to EVERYTHING bar the spam naturally and as quick as possible, this is isn’t fair and needs to be fixed ASAP! :frowning:

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Mine still falling 1% a day. Now at 89%.

Ok:) So i’am not the only one with this problem:)

Same Problem Here :frowning: its Dropped 95% From 100%.
I never Missed Any Messages. :)]

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For every seller having this trouble: please report the problem to Customer Support so they can look at your account.
If something wrong is found then they are manually fixing the tally; naturally this is a temporary solution waiting for the final fix :slight_smile:

OK so my spam theory is obviously incorrect because today mine dropped again to 95% and I haven’t had ANY spam since and have replied to EVERY message I have received, yet it still dropped, like seriously Fiverr, WTF? I’ve also sent two tickets to CS and haven’t received one reply over the matter yet, not impressed :frowning:

I answer on every message in less then 2 hours and it says 95% LOL !?

I just contacted fiverr customer support and they fixed the problem, it dropped down to 90%
although i answer to every single message in less than an hour but right now after i contacted fiverr it’s 100% :smiley:

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same problem facing here

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They’ve had to fix it 5 times for me now, keeps dropping every day for no reason, I’ve also asked them to ban that user that keeps spamming me, either by IP address, account, or username and every incarnation of it, as chances are no real person will ever sign up with that username as it’s a well known phishing scam, hopefully they take this on board as it’s really just flat out annoying now!

Hi got same problem too, but now its fix…

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Reply to @r3k0d3d: creating more than one ticket for the same problem doesn’t help but make the problem worse instead! If they don’t answer, post a follow-up on the same ticket!
Anyway, as I’ve already wrote before, Fiverr team is aware of the problem and it’s working to fix it. CS ticket can help to have a temporary fix…

Reply to @mark74: I did all that, they didn’t respond for days, I won’t let something like that slide if I’m not to blame, it’s their fault, they should fix it and we deserve the right to do so!
If you had a car that was at the mechanics getting fixed for a few days and you hadn’t heard back, what would you do? Pretty much think we all know the answer to that, make contact until you knew wtf was going on? Same rule applies when running a site and forum, you expect to be contacted and the situation explained and dealt with , anyway they eventually fixed it, for now…