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Response rate - how low can you go?

despite answering every message in a timely fashion (within 24 hours), my response rate was 66% a coupla days ago and now it’s rebounded to 71%.

i’m wondering if i can get it down to 0% by answering every message within a minute of it entering my mailbox. :slight_smile:

does anybody take the response rate seriously?

Mine is stuck at 85%, and I responded to all the messages within 24 hours.
At this point, I don’t really care anymore.
I have enough good ratings and reviews, and I doubt the response rate will become a serious
thing at least for me. Also I’m guessing that so many people are having the same problem, they will start
taking the response thingy less seriously too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have also responded to every message in a timely fashion and mine is at 67%. I have had received some spam which I didn’t respond to and apparently that also counts. In those cases, you should report them as spam and not just delete them as I was doing.

I try not to care much about my response rate, but I hate to see those glaring red and orange bars in my inbox when the RR goes below 90%.
The lowest for me so far has been 68%.

Mine is also dropping steadily, mainly because of the amount of spam I’ve been getting lately that I don’t respond to (“we are glad to invite you to this or that website”) and not responding to messages that do not need a response. I think it is a bit silly.

I really wish they’d either get some coders that know what they’re doing to fix this issue or totally remove it altogether! It’s ridiculous that Fiverr auto blocks the spam and at the same time because of this it lowers your response rate, surely by now they would have figured out how to fix this issue, if not they can let me look at it? They fixed mine yesterday and all of a sudden it’s back to 95% again today and I haven’t had any spam and have replied to EVERY msg in time, this is now just really annoying and I’m sick to death of having to address it, pull up your socks Fiverr! :frowning:

same thing happening to me too. Some one suggested to contact the support team to rectify that.

My response rate is finally back at 100% I noticed it really went down when spam mail came just like automatically brought it down. I haven’t had problems with it in a week.