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Response Rate Indicator affected by Seller

I wish to share a story that recently happened to me on Fiverr.

I helped a new Fiverr member with her/his profile and gig here on forum and he or she replied twice with thanks and appreciation for that.

Just a few minutes later the same member inboxed me a message (already outside of the forum) with thanks and appreciation again and offered me his service.

I did not respond to that message and as a result the response rate dropped down accordingly.

I understand the purpose of response rate indicator as to promote quicker responses to Buyers.
But in my particular case the response rate is affected by Seller, resp. not responding to Seller within 24 hours.

According to my above findings I have to respond to any message (no matter if it is from Buyer or Seller) within 24 hours some way or another so that RR is not affected.

Is my finding correct? And if so does it make sense?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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When any one Create their Profile as Seller
then Buyer Profile Automatically Created

cause as Seller Profile you can not see some ones Gig
you can try this" Open someones gig and there is Buying button and you can click it and buy it"
so if you are only seller then how can you buy things

so in short
every Seller is Buyer too

so you have to answer every message ASAP



thank you for your reply.

I understood the response rate as indicator that measure responses to Buyer. However, this can not be true because there is no difference between Seller and Buyer account (both are let’s say customers).

Any inbox message should be replied in order to keep response rate.

It is a good lessons learned.

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Though Fiverr can detect whether it’s a buyer-only account (since they won’t have any gigs - or maybe won’t have any active gigs). So if it would be better, it could be changed to only check the response rate of the seller when it’s a buyer only account that sends the first message. Though maybe most buyers are also sellers.

Maybe what they should do is only check the response rate if what is first sent seems like a question (ideally it would have a question mark at the end but may not).

Though really if someone asks you something and it’s not about your gigs, Fiverr would probably class it as spam.