Response Rate Indicator


Did anyone notice the new feature " Response Rate Indicator" which would be available from 4th May. :slight_smile:

What would be inside is not clear yet but I guess It is in % so it track that how many of the the % of the messages you respond. What you think??


Reply to @kelbyjones: You can’t possibly respond to everything within minutes. 3 hours is an excellent average, since I’m sure you sleep sometimes, don’t you? :slight_smile: It is the average from when you can respond “within minutes” to those hours you’re away either sleeping or not working.


Reply to @mhwoolz: I agree! I’m happy to respond to all legitimate requests, but not the spam. For now I have a canned “quick response” of "I’m sorry, I’m not interested."

My problem now is that my current response rate is 88%, but I have responded to all messages–especially since this started just yesterday. I don’t know what they’re counting as not being responded to, and I wonder if when a buyer ends the conversation, I still have to respond? This could go on and on!!!


Reply to @dtongsports: Yes, and another potential problem–what if the other person ends the conversation? As I said above, my current response rate is 88%, but I have responded to all messages–especially since this started just yesterday. I don’t know what they’re counting as not being responded to, and I wonder if when a buyer ends the conversation, I still have to respond? This could go on and on!!!


I don’t like it at all and I think it’s just another thing that Fiverr are doing to make it an unfair platform for sellers. I get loads of messages that I don’t waste my time replying to that are either spam or just plain stupid. Am I now expected to deal with all these along with all the regular time wasters I get?


I wonder if this response rate is set to a particular time zone? , as I am based in Ireland ,most of my customers are from America so when I get up in the morning I go straight to my messages that have been left the night before , hence my 8 hr response rate , it seems unfair to set it in an America time zone when so many sellers are in different countries , I hope they can take this into consideration


I must now respond to every message and always be the one to end every conversation, even when I answer a question and the person writes back to me “Thank you”, and I must then keep the conversation going or it looks like I did not respond.

~X( :-@ :!!


It’s a good idea to have it but Fiverr currently have my response rate at 3 hours and this is not factual as the Fiverr app is on my phone and I respond to every message within minutes. Fiverr needs to sort this out. I hope the Response Rate Indicator will sort this out.


hope so.


I feel like this can be abused and construed by just messaging people back and forth so if you need your response time to go up, just message each other back and forth or start a conversation with someone just to get a response so you can respond right back and boost your response rate.

There are so many different sellers and unique lifestyles on Fiverr that to use it in search results and in algorithms as an indicator seems a bit too much micromanaging of sellers. If you can respond to messages within an hour on average, you are either on Fiverr all day long from sun-up to sunrise on the website and app, or you have absolutely nothing else going on which means you are broke and out of shape. :slight_smile:

2-3 hours is realistic but some people work 9-5 jobs and can’t get to their phones to reply or to the website to reply because they are either running a business or working a job where that isn’t allowed.

I have no other job and my response time is 3 hours with 100% response rate and over 2100 ratings with 5 stars which is 1000 more than the next seller in my subcat but somehow I’m still being rotated betweet 1 & 3 in the high rating filter and 1-3 in the recommended. I feel I should be #1 in both as my time in, ratings, response time, feedback, very small cancellation %, and sales are all on point and the only reason I feel I’m not secure at the #1 spot is because someone else’s response time is within 1 hour.

Not sure if they are using JUST response time as a base, but it seems to be a very important factor in the algorithms but I don’t feel it should be placed as that high of a priority when the # of sales and ratings is really what the customer sees first and is ultimately the reason for purchasing… IMO



@customrapsongs I too am curious about this. I receive spam and bait messages periodically, some even asking me to buy software. I’ve always deleted these straight away. Will doing this without responding/reporting affect my Account in a negative manner?


From reading the page about it, it seems that it will calculate the number of messages you respond to within 24 hours. This rate will be visible only to sellers, not to buyers. It seems like its only use will be for influencing our search results, as Fiverr’s algorithm will be taking the rate into consideration.

I’m not looking forward to having to respond to unprofessional and scam messages, as I usually make a point of ignoring those and not having to deal with those users.


Reply to @mhwoolz: you might use quick response for that.

And if you don’t reply them within 24 hours it will not effect on your response rate( I hope you know that) thats why you choose ti ignore.


So you’re telling me i have to respond to spam and unsolicited custom offers from people I’ve never even asked for work. I still can’t believe sellers can solicit custom offers to random people, that’s soo annoying. What was wrong with the previous way they tracked response time?


Reply to @customrapsongs: you can report spam message by click report button, it will be your recorded as your response.

and reject the custom offer that you demanded. it also will your response.

its my thinking.


Reply to @mubasharmehmood: It seems to me that there’s two different things now: response time and response rate. Not responding within 24 hours won’t affect the response time, but it will affect the response rate, to my understanding. Quick response is probably a good solution though.


Reply to @dtongsports:

Yes for the buyer Rating is the main priority to judge the seller.

but for fiverr algorithm there would be different factors.


Reply to @mhwoolz:

Possibly not, As I don’t reply couple of irrelevant messages yesterday , but my response rate is still 100%.


This “Response Rate” idea needs to be thought out more before being implemented in to the “gigs”.

I have many customers that i message daily with questions on “gigs” that i perform for them. But there are others that give the “Five Star rating” and are satisfied, i feel that there is no need for me to respond back to a “Thank you” every time, after i have already sent a “Thank you” to them prior with on the “gig” itself, and also on the “Five Star” rating system.

I can not possibly keep up with all the responses for this new “response rate indicator”.

Fiverr needs to re-think this new option and rating scale before they place it on to out ratings system and ratings scale.

“Beta” test first, then see how it works before you place it into the working environment.


Reply to @writerlisaz: It’s not like one gets messages every hour of the day, so what he says is def legit.