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Response Rate is a Joke


Let’s get right to it:

Whenever you receive a spam message you first have to “unspam” it in order to send a reply saying "Don’t spam, Beavis!"
If you don’t do that, your response rate will plummet.

This is a bug for years and personally I gave up on contacting CS in order to fix my response rate.

How can now somebody seriously consider the response rate one of the important metrics for the level evaluation for ones account? If they do, at least this annoying bug should be fixed beforehand.

This way a joke can change into problems for the entire community.

Have a great weekend :wink:


The funny thing is that majority of people are stuck at either 87 or 89% just below 90 so that they can be demoted.


You are scarily right. I’m at 96% after dropping from 98% and usually when a drop happens, you end up stuck at 87% or 89% for what feels like an age before you claw your way back to 90% and 94%.

Me thinks there might be a hit list. :slight_smile:


I received one today that was simply a custom offer for a service I did not want, from a seller I never contacted.

Since it was not a message (but an offer) there’s no flag to report it. They seem to be a legitimate, established account, too.

So I couldn’t even report it. Instead I just replied with an emoji. At least that should prevent it from counting as a non-response.


I set up a poll in the suggestions section. If it gets enough votes, hopefully someone from fiverr will notice.