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Response Rate is Confusing me?


Can anyone shed some more light on the response rate? I reply to every message that is sent to me and usually quite fast. My average response time is 1 hour, yet my response rate shows at 94%.

There must be something that I am not quite understanding about the response rate feature and I was hoping an experienced seller can explain this to me?

Response rate is reducing

It’s buggy and not working properly.


If you reply to every message within 24h your response rate should be 100%. Sometimes you might receive a spam message (when you are sleeping for example) and when you woke up this message won’t be present because someone else reported it and all the messages from this user has been deleted, but the system thinks you didn’t reply. You can contact CS and ask them to clear your response rate, they usually do this with no problem.


@catwriter Oh so its not actually me? Its been driving me absolutely batty because about 2 weeks ago it just suddenly dropped from 100% to 94% and my understanding was that as long as you reply to every message within 24 hours it will stay at 100% right?

If that is the case then I am very relieved and I assume since it is a bug that the Fiverr team are working on resolving it? Then I can relax and just wait it out?


Thanks @deesajn , nope, I have replied to every single message within 24 hours, @catwriter says it is buggy?


It’s a bug of course but it’s like that since forever. I always contact CS because low RR has a bad impact. I even have a prepared message in my message templates.


@deesajn Oh ok so if I contact support I can just ask them to check it for me and return it to 100%?

I don’t want to bug them for something small but it does really irk me because I make such an effort to reply to all messages as fast as I possibly can.


If it drops below some level (unfortunately I don’t remember what was the score) I would. This is my CS messages from the past 5 months. As you can see, this is quite common bug.


Thanks @deesajn would you do it for 94%? That’s the thing I guess if it had gone below 90% for example I would have contacted support and queried it, but I don’t want to be that person that is the pain in the ass contact support for irritating little things… you know what I mean?

It has been sitting around 94% for 2 weeks now :frowning:


Not every message, the first message you get from someone.

I respond to everything, and my response rate is currently at 86% :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s silly, you can sometimes see the red clock showing that you should respond even though it’s an ongoing conversation and both you and the buyer have sent several messages already.

You can contact Customer Support and they will most likely fix it for you, but it will happen again after a while.

I just ignore it.


Thanks @catwriter for your feedback. I have to be honest though, it is bothering me. I have tried to ignore it but it niggles me every time I log on and see that 94% when it should be 100%.


It got back to 100% once, all on its own. After a while, it dropped again.

If it really bothers you, ask Customer Support to fix it… And then ask them again. And again. And… You get the picture. :grin:

(I’m not bashing Customer Support here, I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to help, and this bug is certainly not as problematic as messages or deliveries not working)


Well, I would, but that’s just me. My thinking is: if you don’t report a problem the problem doesn’t exist and will never be fixed eventually.

Anyway your RR will be cleared after 30 days automatically.


Yes true @catwriter ok yeah I’m going to go with asking support to fix it for me.


Thanks @deesajn I’m going to go with it, at least my face will light up with joy for a while when I see 100% RR :slight_smile:


I had the bug, but with a worse drop, to 86 or 83%.I didn´t contact CS, because there were so many threads on the forum about it, and apparently the resetting they do only works temporarily, and I’m not bothering with asking the same thing again and again.
Now interestingly while my rate (in spite of me always replying within 24 hours) has always been 80-something % almost from when I joined, while the ‘response time’, which is there for everyone to see, had stayed 1 hour, so I just ignored the rate, but a while ago I suddenly noticed that the rate miraculously had gone up to 93 % but the response time had gone down to 2 hours…
Bug adapts itself to cause more confusion, once one has gotten used to and is ignoring it.


it’s buggy. Don’t sweat it


After looking at your profile to see your response time, if not rate, I´ll take that from you! Thanks :slight_smile:


They should fix it because if it stays like that it affects the seller. Contacting CS would be a good option.


I don’t really pay attention to response times too much. I figure seller’s do have to sleep, eat, shower, take a break, maybe even exercise and such.

I look at the reviews and gig profile page. Those two are the main factors that matter to me, when making a determination on a seller - regardless of level.